Monday, January 26, 2009

French Newspaper Post

French President Sarkozy wants to pay for newspapers to get the younger generation reading newspapers. Sarksozy believes that it is essiential to have an "independent, free and pluralistic press."

Sadly, this is not something we have here in our country. Although we have "freedom of the press" our press isn't necassarily so. Since the news industry has become meida corporations in the age of spin and objectivity, we here in America do not have, in essence, a free, independent press. This is an ideal we had, but now it is merely that, and ideal.

If we could get back to this, that would be an ideal where spin and subjectivity is replaced with straight news and objectivity.

I see no reason as to why the newspaper industry should not be bailed out. The only concern is that the government may get control of the press, creating a more propaganda publication. If this was insured to not happen, the paper should be bailed out. Since it works for the public interest, the government should give money to keep their citizens informed.

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