Monday, January 26, 2009

Future Shock Response

The future shock phenomenon that Toffler wrote about in the 1970s no longer exists in today's ever-changing society. From i-pods to computers, or just the phone that does it all, we welcome change with open arms--and wallets--and will do anything to get the newest and fastest form of technology. Even older generations of people are learning to keep up and adapt to the change around them. With some of us feeling that "information overload" is in the air due to the many new forms of technology that now exist, we must understand that we are the ones encouraging the production and feeding on the supply of these new devices. 
Though this trend may seem great now, what happens if this electronic form of media takes over other outlets? First, finding a job after college with a PRINT journalism degree is not going to be fun. With the internet literally at our fingertips, many people are using some form of electronic media and cutting out any kind of hard copy. Does this mean that eventually all newspapers and magazines are going to become extinct? That question is up for debate but in my opinion they will always be here. Maybe not continuing to be as prominent as they once were, but still fighting for recognition. 

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