Monday, January 26, 2009

Response to France

Idealisticly speaking, OF COURSE the government should bail out the newspaper industry in these times of great woe. The newspaper industry helped shape so much of our nation and has for years on end provided information that has kept the population aware and in the know and able to form their own opinions on great matters. President Sarkozy certainly is on to something with his efforts in France to provide newspapers, stating the obligation of the state to provide "an independent, free and pluralistic press", but is the internet no longer considered in this category? I think one of the major causes of the decreaed populatiry of printed newspapers is the easy access to equally reliable online publications. So while I would like to see governmental aid in a field that I personally believe to be beneficial to the United States, I do not think it is fully warranted or that it would ever happen. Then again, I'm still questioning the legitimacy of all the other financial bailouts we've seen recently.

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