Monday, January 26, 2009

Toffler Response

In today's society I do not believe many people are too stressed out by change. In fact, I think we all expect it to happen and we accept change as it comes. Think about buying a new phone, for example. You can go out and buy the new touchscreen keypad that has a GPS navigation system and an itunes library, or you can wait a month or two for a newer, more advanced one to come out. For our generation, change comes very easily and naturally. We can't WAIT for the next device to come out, but why? It may be harder for earlier generations to take this all in--try teaching your mother how to text--but advances in technology is something that will continue to keep us going. Yeah, we don't really need it...but when something new is there, we want it, and we WILL buy it. It's just how it works.

I don't really believe that our society is suffering from an "information overload." New information can be found all around us, anywhere we look, but it is up to us to choose what we want to learn, what we want to listen to, or what we want to read. And of course there's always Google to help us search for what we are looking for...

If this trend continues, I do believe news/media will be affected. We have seen changes in the way we retrieve our daily information already in the past few years. The internet is certainly a great way to get information, but what is to become of our other outlets? Print publications for example have probably been hit the hardest. People are taking advantage of the quick and easy access to information (internet, browsers on their cell phones, etc.). It's much easier and more entertaining to go online and find a short video to watch, rather then to sit down and read the newspaper.

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