Sunday, February 1, 2009

French Newspaper

I understand why President Sarkozy would want to assist the newspapers, but I don’t think the government should be bailing out the media. It’s like saying, “don’t tell me what to write about,” and then asking for help once readership declines. The theory sounds wonderful, but I can see some drama happening after that.
And who chooses which newspapers gets bailed out and how much of a bailout do they get? Does the Podunk city in Utah receive the same amount as the Washington Post? (My heart jumps to even think of this.) It just poses to many questions for me. What would we have to give up in order to receive help from the government? Nothing is free in this country so something will be lost. And once we slowly start releasing powers to them how long will it be before newspapers have no more power? Who will watchdog over the nasty officials in office and who will warm me about the peanut butter?
Newspapers have to find different ways to boost interest in the printed-paper. There has to be other ways. Having the government bail them out seems like a giving up and rolling over. The copout of all copouts. Is it hard? Yes, I get that. Does losing money suck? Yes, I get that too. But I think that they just have to get creative and move forward.
I understand wanting to help and boosting readership among youth, but at what cost for the future?

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