Sunday, February 8, 2009

French Newspapers

I believe the idea of an “independent, free, and pluralistic press” is bittersweet. President Sarkozy’s plan to give free subscriptions to all 18 year olds is a great way to re-popularize print media. With readership of newspapers and magazines on a declining slope this idea could help save the industry. On the other hand, does allowing government involvement somehow affect our freedom of speech? By keeping the government out of media involvement we have the right to report on anything and everything in an unbiased manner. I feel like if we were to use this plan in America it could become very complicated. Though I would love for the government to help news media in this tough time, i don't know that I would want media feeling as if they owed the government anything in return. I say we sit back and watch how Sarkozy's plan plays out while we try and find a better way of reviving the news media.

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