Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hip-Hop J Response

Well, I hate to break it to this guy, but he didn't do any journalism.
Talking to a journalist to expand on a story she already wrote isn't journalism for the simple fact that he didn't do any of the work.

To be a journalist, we have to not only tell the story, but to sift through the facts, investigate the situation, and go out and do your own interviews.

This guy did tell a story, but not the story. He didn't sift through the story for the facts, he didn't investigate the situation-he only read about it and brought it to a broader audience, and though he did his own interview, he didn't interview the people directly involved in the matter.

This vlog (video blog), though informative, isn't journalism. He gave this writer a chance to expand on the piece she wrote and to help bring awareness to domestic abuse. But this guy is no journalist, and did not practice journalism in this video.

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