Monday, February 23, 2009

Hip Hop Journalism

John Randolph’s video can easily be mistaken as journalism but it lacks a few important elements. I feel like all he did was find a journalist who had already reported on a similar story and had her reiterate her own research and how it applied to the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation. If Randolph really wanted to do his own research he should of tried to talk to someone a little closer related to the story. Since Chris Brown and Rihanna are probably not taking too many calls right now, Randolph could have tried to interview someone who has been in a similar situation to try and better understand the celebrity feud. He could of also tried to get more than one view on the matter. Rather than just talking to one person he should of talked to several different people on different sides of the issue so that the story didn’t seem so one sided. Though this was an attempt at “doing a little journalism,” I don’t think we can quite call it that.



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