Sunday, February 8, 2009

Octuplet Story Response

There are a multitude of stories that are, and can be, interwoven into the Nadya Sulemann and the Octuplets Story. Of course a natural story line is the oddity of the birth, and if, and how, it was successful. It is in the realm of oddity, and that makes it newsworthy.
I think one thing that makes this birth so much more newsworthy is that it was done by artificial fertilization, and Ms. Sulemann chose to have that many done. Another story is the fact that she wants to raise 14 children on her own, with no current means of income (even though she wants to after she gets a college degree).

All of these are good story lines, but one that struck me the most, and one that wasn't looked into, was the 'why she wants to do this.' Due to her family history, she felt neglected and needed to have a large family. I think this is a story that could be done, and turned into a social retrospect to see if this is a trend that is taking hold in society.

Do neglected girls feel a need to have large families to fill a void? Why do they feel this way? What options are there to counteract that mindset? Is it prevalent all over society, or does it stay in particular socio-economic group?

The event is loaded with storylines that could be brought out, and I personally feel the Today Show interview failed to do that.

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