Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pot Points Response

First, I agree full heartedly with Blake's opposition to Sheriff Lott.
Although the picture with the column is controversial, I think it emphasizes a point, and again takes another swipe at Lott.

The biggest problem with the Phelps case is that you can't tell if he was actually smoking or if he was joking around, or if he was smoking marijuana or another substance, like hookah. The same with Blake's picture, although it is just a simple pipe, you can't tell if it is plain tobacco, or an overly elaborate way to smoke weed. This picture is taking a blatent shot at Lott to show just how inept and how much a waste of time the whole situation is.

In a round-about way, the photo actually enhances the column. Even though the writer says he smoked weed, you can't truly tell just by simply looking at the picture. The same is inferred with the Phelps photo.

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