Monday, February 23, 2009

Pot Post

I think that Paul Blake makes a valid point. The fact that Leon Lott is trying to arrest Michael Phelps for his actions at a party based on a photo is ridiculous! Unless Lott was there at the time of the party, there is no way he can prove that the substance in the pipe was marijuana. It does seem that Lott is drawing unnecessary attention to a minor situation. I don’t think that the photo works against the publisher but rather makes his feelings on the matter very clear. If Lott is going to try everything he can to arrest Phelps then he should also try and arrest Blake.

A week after the Phelps Pot story broke out Katie Couric interviewed rap artist Lil’ Wayne. In that interview Lil’ Wayne admits to smoking pot. If Leon Lott can go after Phelps then shouldn’t someone be going after Lil’ Wayne?

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