Monday, February 16, 2009

Pot Response

Although slightly dramatic, I think that Paul Blake has a point. Pictures only don’t seem like a good source if credibility in cases like these. It could have been nothing in the bong, or it could have been hay for all I know, but the point is unless the sheriff was there this whole thing seems like a waste of time. Maybe some politicking is taking place here, but I don’t think that any serious charges will come out of this because the proof is either all smoked up or nonexistent.
I don’t think that the story and photo work against Blake because we don’t know if what he says is actually true. We can conclude our own thoughts when we see the photo and I’m sure if we interviewed a serious stoner they could and point out any discrepancies with the photo if there were any, but we won’t.
While comedic, Blake has a point.

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