Monday, February 9, 2009

Response to Octuplets Post

After watching the interview, I believe the main focus of the story is on the life of Nadya Suleman.  Although the octuplets are a big deal, it seems as if her lifestyle is much more interesting.  The story highly focuses on her economic issues.  She's a single mother of 14 children, so the question is how will she be able to take care and provide for them?  She plans on going back to college to get her master's but how will she have time to do that, with such a big commitment as a single mom?  

Another big focus in the story is her mental state.  Why did she decide to have so many children?  In the interview she talks about "filling a void" but there must be more reasoning beyond that.  How does she feel she will be able to care for all of her children, and how will they feel growing up with so many brothers and sisters?  

There's so many questions to be asked of this woman.  It's an interesting story and I hope to learn more about the reasoning behind her decision to care for so many kids.  

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