Monday, February 9, 2009

Response to Octuplets Story

I think this story is indeed newsworthy and rather interesting in that it is so very strange. However, I think that the "real story" does not lie in Ann Curry's interview with the mother of the babies. I think the real story here is WHY this woman has chosen to have a set of eight children in addition to the other six she already has at home. She says its because she was an only child, etc. But in reality, I think that nobody believes her reasoning. Why haven't we heard more about her battle with depression? Or her earlier career at a mental institution. She obvoiusly possesses some instabilities of her own. Secondly, I think another story should take more focus on the ethical choices made by the doctors and whether or not there needs to be some application of a set of standards or criteria in the field of artificial insemination/invitro fertilization. I would like to have seen how this woman and her and her doctors decisions will likely affect the reproductive medical field in the future, for others that may be seeking similar procedures. I think this story focuses on these two main aspects, the woman's past and what got her to this point and the consequences she may cause not only for herself but for the reproductive medical field in regards to invitro procedures.

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