Monday, February 2, 2009

Response to "Real America"

Herbert Gans is quoted as saying that small-town idealism, saying that small, rural towns is where the "American idea" is located, and not the big city.
From a media standpoint, Gans is correct.
Even though big cities may be patriotic, it is typically the small, rural towns (mostly in the South and Midwest it seems) that are depicted as "American." Even with the growth of 24-hour cable news and the Internet, this stigma hasn't changed.
Look at any news, and when they do a piece on "American goodness" or "family values" where is it they typically go? They go to the small towns.
One reason this may be, a simple way, is because that is the basic picture of what we idealize as what American is. Anther reason is because, even with the growth of news and the Internet, many small town residence don't have, or choose not to have, access to cable, and instead live with the five basic channels, while others don't have, or don't have time for, the Internet.
In the media, small town America is still portrayed as a place where "goodness" is still rooted.

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