Monday, February 9, 2009

Suleman Story

Personal feelings aside, the main point of this interview is really to know why a single parent would do this to herself and to these children. I think that the world wants to what she could possibly be thinking. It's great that the babies are healthy and they were delivered with little complication, but that's not the story. People are interested in her mental state and how she is going to raise all these children if she doesn't have a job or a home of her own. It seems that having us know that they are the first surviving octuplets to have been born is supposed to make this more of a story, but the purpose is really to fulfill our desire to know what this woman was thinking in taking this major risk. By interviewing her it gives us insight into her past and her reasoning for doing this. People have speculated about it and now we know.

Another aspect that makes it a story is wanting to know what type of doctor would implant all the embryos into a woman of her age. Ethical questions keep coming up in question to the doctor and people want to know what motivation he had for doing this. Did he properly advise her of the risks? It would seem that he had alterior motives, but what could they be?

This story is not about the babies. It’s about the Nadya Suleman.

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