Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Calhoun response

Really, I don't see a story here involved with interviewing Calhoun.
I do think you would interview the University and see the sheer monotony of having a basketball coach as your highest paid state official.
That is the real story, and why such a lower tier job in respect to jobs in the medical field is seen in such high regards.
Though his program does contribute a large sum of money ($12 million I believe) to the state, it doesn't excuse his behavior and his ridiculous paycheck.
But this isn't a story with him, because he is a private citizen and can do what he wants with his money.
UConn needs to be questioned in their thought process to pay him so much for doing what could be seen as a volunteer job.

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  1. Granted. One question to the coach might be why he feels it's important for journalists to keep in mind how much he generates for the school. What does the $12 million figure say about him, his program or his practices? What is the message he's trying to send?