Saturday, March 28, 2009

The new face of journalism

In the recent years, "journalism" has become more adorned with flashy graphics, high def TV touch screens, and perfectly groomed reporters. This change over the years has led journalists farther from getting to the truth and "peeling the onion" and more about ratings and spin.

Jim Walls Atlanta Unfiltered is, I believe, a perfect representation of where journalism, actual investigative journalism, is going in the future. It's unpolished look IS a representation of where we are, but it is also an homage to the muckrakers of the past. Those journalists weren't afraid to crawl through the muck of society and get a little dirty to get the facts, and neither is this site.

Journalism is going to go through a trend were it will no longer be about flash, graphics, and image, but be more about substance. Walls' site looks to do this.

I truly believe that this will be the future of journalism. In the art and design world, trends are pushed to the limit until they look tacky, and then artists come in and scale back, and journalism is getting ready to go through that trend design wise. This site is the best example.

And I don't believe that is a bad thing. Journalism seems to have lost its mind and turned into a conglomorated business venture and has forgotten the people it works for. It has become too much about style and look, and not about getting to the bottom of stories. This will be a welcome change, and I believe, this is where journalism will be heading.

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  1. I feel so much of this comes down to our society's abandonment of the idea of noble professions, vocations or callings. We judge the worth of business or a job by the amount of money earned rather than the amount of good it contributes.