Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adler's Luck

Straight talk from a straight shooter, way to go, Steve Adler you continue to fulfill your journalistic role of sharing useful, succinct and timely information.

So the ‘sky is not falling,’ there is the possibility of a future but it’s all on me, good to know.

It is scary time to begin this process. The whole landscape and nature of the business is shifting, and where it's going is only partially apparent. Throughout the country newsrooms are being forced to cut their staff and their budgets. Some have shifted to online only while others have closed all together.

My Journalism 201 professor, Auggie Grant takes a positive look at these paradigm changes. He says this is the most exciting time to be in this field and if you can adapt and learn and be on the cutting edge you will have no problems.

He said this with the obvious idea that first you must write well, and in addition be on the cutting edge. It is good advice. I plan to focus on my tech skills and writing, stay positive and work hard. Hopefully, I will have a bit of Adler’s luck.

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