Saturday, April 4, 2009

Atlanta response

I have to agree with Charlotte. But the problem, I think, doesn't end with the news sites not being universally accessible or universally trustworthy for consumers.

It seems like high-ranking sources that would be ideal for interviewing in hard-hitting news stories would be less willing to cooperate with these independent outlets. Especially when it's hard to differentiate between the good Web sites and potential time-wasters.

I can't imagine that, without the backing of an institution like The State or The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it's going to be possible for very long for independent news sites to actually get tough questions answered for investigative stories.

But maybe these independent Web sites will be able to make enough of a name for themselves to create some sort of loyal following and be taken seriously by potential story subjects. Matt Drudge has a job, doesn't he?

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  1. Interesting point. What must come first for these ventures to be successful, credibility with readers or credibility with sources? Can you attain them simultaneously?