Monday, April 20, 2009

New Ideas

When I think of great journalism schools I do assume that they are doing whatever is necessary to bring about change to the field. I don’t think that anyone would want to go to a place where they won’t learn the newest and more efficient way to gather information and deliver it to the masses. Innovation and experimentation is all apart of advancing in this industry, so it only makes sense that our universities should be doing this also. By learning these new models now while in college, it will place deep into the race of advancement and not lagging trying to catch up to the new technology. I believe that it is the responsibility to give us and create now ways to do our jobs, because if they didn’t we would be greatly unprepared for the world we choose to work in.
New ideas for journalism come from the people who take the risk and use new technology in a different way. Because it doesn’t take long for people to catch on, others will begin to see that the new way of using a program or device will be easier than the old. The whole field is about trial and error, and journalists are continually reinventing their crafts to fit the medium for which they work. It would help if colleges and universities would continually update their journalism curriculum that fit the changing world.

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