Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We need a tweak things a bit

I believe it is a Journalism School's job to prepare future journalists for the profession, and that even means pushing the boundaries.

As you asked, "does one imagine them as places of innovation and experimentation that test new methods of news gathering, presentation and delivery?"

The answer is, yes. College is where you can try new things, and where new ideas are incubated, so when the newly trained journalist gets in the work force, they can present those ideas learned in college to the higher ups at a paper/magazine/website/etc. I believe our school should adapt to the new environment, and experiment with some new teaching and curriculum tactics, while still providing the solid base it has become known for.

Even though we have a print medium, and should keep it, our curriculum should include more online journalism classes, since that is the medium things look to be going. That way, our curriculum can help form new ideas to improve journalism.

And, as you asked: " Are they (schools) incubators of new industry models or is that more the province of business schools?"I don't believe it is solely up to the business guys to decide things, but that is where our new endowment for business journalism comes in. Not only should that branch focus on covering business, but also it should focus on the business of journalism, so we can fix this whole mess we are in now.

It is said that journalists are chameleons, that we can go and fit into any environment, and adapt to it. We are currently adapting to the digital takeover of information, so shouldn't our journalism schools be equally adaptable?

I think so.

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